Argentina From Buenos Aires Northwest to Wine Country

An article by Nathan Fong from International Taste & Travel Magazine

As I wait until the theatre lights dim and the lush scarlet curtain rises up into the soaring neoclassic proscenium, I marvel at the stunning painted and gold-leafed domed ceiling with its brilliant crystal chandelier hovering above the grand audience hall. I’m seated in one of the dress circle boxes, each with six plush cushioned chairs, divided from the other boxes with a short waist-high wall. Each has its own individual ante-chamber partitioned with lush velvet drapes, where I’m sure many indiscretions evolved during the golden age of opera in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida was performed to mark the building’s lavish opening. But I’m not sitting in London’s Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, Vienna’s Staatsoper or Milan’s famous La Scala — this is the 104 year old Teatro Colón, located in one of the most beautiful and elegant cities in South America… Buenos Aires.

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