Cooking Long-life Noodles at CTV Calgary

It takes a great product for me to actually try it and to put my name behind it, but when I was asked by Blue Dragon a few months ago, I was impressed by their quality, flavour and more importantly the authenticity of their products. I loved their spicy and aromatic Thai pastes (Thai Red Curry Paste), along with their creative stir-fry sauces such as the Wasabi Plum and Szechan Pepper to Chilli Coconut.

I was asked to do a Chinese New Year’s Cooking segment for CTV Calgary and flew over to do their morning show. As I’ve done TV morning shows for the past 24 years, it was a bit of an experience for me as it was in a different city as well as shooting live. I’m so used to shooting live-to-tape. Not knowing where to shop, it was great to have the assistance of foodstylist Sue Spicer.

Nathan Fong Cooking on CTV Morning Live Calgary

For this segment, I wanted to showcase long-life noodles, so important to serve on Chinese New Years but instead of the traditional ways of preparing, I thought doing a recipe with quick and easy store bought ingredients could show how easy it is for some Chinese dishes using these sauces, and with this dish, using Blue Dragon’s Chow Mein Cooking Sauce.